Observer Pattern Code Review

Define the Pattern Interface and Handler Object

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  • Date Published:2009-07-01
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Code Review

Code Walkthrough

Define the IObserver interface to be used as the "blueprint" for the main Observer classes.

interface IObserver { void Update(Blogs state); }

The Observer class (object) represents an object that wants to be notified automatically when a particular event occurs.

class Observer : IObserver { String subscriber; Subject blogs; Interact visuals;
public Observer(Subject subject, String name) { this.blogs = subject; this.subscriber = name; visuals = new Interact(this.subscriber, this.Input); new Thread((ParameterizedThreadStart)delegate(object o) { Application.Run(visuals); }).Start(this);
while (visuals == null || visuals.IsHandleCreated) { Application.DoEvents(); Thread.Sleep(100); } blogs.Attach("Jim", this.Update); blogs.Attach("Eric", this.Update); blogs.Attach("Judith", this.Update); }
public void Update(Blogs state) { visuals.Output(String.Format("Blog from {0} on {1}", state.Name, state.Topic)); } public void Input(Object source, EventArgs e) { if (source == visuals.subscribeButton) { blogs.Attach(visuals.messageBox.Text, this.Update); visuals.wall.AppendText(String.Format("Subscribed to {0}\r\n", visuals.messageBox.Text)); } else { if (source == visuals.unSubscribeButton) { blogs.Detach(visuals.messageBox.Text, this.Update); visuals.wall.AppendText(String.Format("Unsubscribed from {0}\r\n", visuals.messageBox.Text)); } } } }

This object subscribes to a particular event. When the event occurs, the Update() method is called on the Observer class (object).