Pluggable Adapter Pattern Code Review

Define the Adapter Class, Adaptee and Target Classes

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The Adaptee class (object) represents the class, in which the behaviour will be modified by the Adapter class (object).

class Adaptee { public Double Precise(Double a, Double b) { return a / b; } }

The Target class (object) represents the class containing the desired class/method behaviour.

class Target { public String Estimate(Int32 i) { return "Estimate is " + (Int32)Math.Round(i/3.0); } }

The Adapter class (object) defines two constructors, each accepting the pluggable adapter to be used.

class Adapter { public Func<Int32, String> Request;
public Adapter(Adaptee adaptee) { Request = delegate(Int32 i) { return "Estimate based on precision is " + (Int32)Math.Round(adaptee.Precise(i, 3)); }; }
public Adapter(Target target) { Request = target.Estimate; } }